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Worship Notes

A Blog by Christopher Lee, Minister of Worship

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Choir Membership Is a Calling

A Blog by Christopher Lee, Minister of Worship, Sharpstown Baptist Church

I often wonder why it is that so many people love to sing, but only 10% of our active baptist congregations actually participate in a choir at church. Perhaps it is because they have never sung in a choir before. Maybe they think they won't fit in. Some may feel that they need to be able to read music. Whatever the reasons may be for not being a part of the church choral program, the reality is that most of them are unwarranted. The truth is that anyone is welcome to participate.

There is, however, one reason that anyone should join the choir. That reason is the calling of the Lord to serve. Participation in music ministry is something that does require a call to serve above and beyond that of the congregant who sits in the pew each Sunday. One must sacrifice time, energy, and convenience for the service of the Lord. The rewards for this are numerous.

-There is no sweeter fellowship than that of the adult choir.

-There is a love and community that is founded on the the combined spiritual walks of people from various walks of life and of all ages.

-Each rehearsal is a time to join with others in the worship of God during the middle of the week when the need for community worship is so needed.

-The Adult Choir serves to lead in the worship, nurture, and outreach of the church through various activities from singing anthems on Sunday to seeking ways to bring music into our community.

I invite you to prayerfully consider if God desires for you to use your love of Him and your love of singing to serve in the Adult Choir at Sharpstown Baptist Church. We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the worship center. I hope to see many new faces soon!



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