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2014 Mission Trip To Cambodia

July 9-19, 2014

On July 9, six members of Sharpstown Baptist Church left Houston to travel to  Cambodia to work in a village where Leng Abbasi, a former member of SBC, is working to establish a school.  The mission team was involved in some construction as well as ministering to many of the children of the village by teaching them about Jesus, some English, and how to use a tooth brush that was given to each of them.

Most of the adults in the village have little or no formal education.  Many of the adults and children had only heard about Jesus from the radio.  In the afternoon, the mission team would spend some time walking through the village telling those that would listen the Gospel message of God loves. 

The villagers were not resistant to the Message of Christ, but they weren’t overly receptive either.  The children came to the jobsite every day and on the final day, there were over 225 children.  Each child was able to receive at least one new article of clothing and were fed lunch.  They also were told the story of the woman at the well from John 4.

Leng’s goal is to establish a school that the children can attend at little or no cost to their parents.  She understands that education is the key to giving the next generation a better life.  She is going to use her school as not just a place to teach the children how to read and write, but also the share with them the grace of God.  Please continue to pray for this ministry.

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