How to Join

Membership in Sharpstown Baptist Church

Any person may offer themselves as a candidate during the time of invitation at the end of worship service for membership in this Church in any one of the following ways:

a. Profession of Faith: By profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and presentation for baptism. Baptism in this Church shall be by immersion, and in and of itself does not bring salvation; rather it is “believer’s baptism”, a symbolic act of obedience.

b. By Promise of Letter: Membership may be granted by promise of letter of recommendation from another church of like faith and practice.

c. By Restoration upon a statement of prior conversion: Membership may be granted upon a statement of prior conversion experience and baptism in a Baptist church when no letter is obtainable.

d. By Statement of Prior Conversion Experience and Baptism: Membership may be granted upon statement of prior conversion and baptism acknowledging the same belief and understanding of baptism and salvation.Add Content...